Interested in Fundraising Opportunities?

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We are excited to offer this opportunity to work with you! This is one of the easiest types of fundraising that is out there because each and everyone of your customers will save more on buy one get one free dates than they spend on the card!

How it works:

Your organization purchases the cards specific to your area. You will contact Michele Tripple, the fundraising coordinator, at and let her know of your interest! We will speak with you of the business choices and we essentially design a card perfect for your organization to sell! You chose how many cards you want to purchase and we will begin processing your order. All payments are due up front.

How much does our organization make per card?

The amount you make is based on how many cards you order.

1-100 cards are $20.00 each, which means you make $10.00 per card. On 100 cards that is an easy $1000.00!
101-300 cards are $18.00 each. You will make $12.00 per card!
301-500 cards are $16.50 each. You will make 13.50!
500+ cards are $15.00 each, which means you make $15.00 per card!

No other fundraiser offers you this type of profit! And the bonus is that it is strengthening marriages and the money will come back to those in the community as well! It is a win win solution!


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