How Does Date Night Rewards Work?

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.46.02 PM    Date Nights Rewards is a card that you purchase from an organization of your choice, or directly from us for $30.00. What that $30.00 does is it provides you with 10 Buy one get one free dates! These dates could include entrées at restaurants, local dessert hot spots, buy one get one free bowling, perhaps even buy one get one free movie nights, the possibilities are endless! We currently are talking to many businesses in your area to see what we will be able to offer you in your area! Can you imagine how much money you will save with your small $30.00 donation to help organizations in your local area as well the continuation of encouraging couples to date and the benefits it brings into your marriage.

After you purchase the card, you will have the opportunity to go to the 10 participating locations on the card Monday through Thursday, unless otherwise stated. When you arrive at the participating location (these are listed on the card), you will present the card and at that point they will review it to ensure you have not been there before using that card. You then enjoy a nice meal, a fun game of bowling, perhaps even some dessert at the bakery for ½ the price that it normally would cost you!

It’s that simple! The card is valid for one year!


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